Deep Background

Why Sentry Nano-Coatings Solve Problems of Delamination

The Science Behind NanoTechnology


How It Works

There are 3 factors in how our coatings work -- chemistry can sound complicated - no need for a PhD here -- we break down the concepts.


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Next Generation of Nano-Technology

The Next Generation Surface Protection


The science of surface protection takes a quantum leap forward with Sentry Molecular Coatings.


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Anti-Fouling with NO Pesticides or Poisons.

When is an anti-fouling not an anti-fouling?

     When it's Sentry Marine & Hull “Shield”


Imagine – a product that works just like an anti-foul but contains no pesticides or poisons.


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Anti-Microbial Additive Blocks MRSA and c.Coli

Sentry BioLOC Anti-microbial Additive

     Preventing the spread of disease at
     point of contact


MRSA, e.Coli, Staphylococcus -- Sentry Molecular Coatings chemists formulated coatings that are not only environmentally friendly with low VOC’s,...


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